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Setting: Tenchi Muyo OAV 1&2 + Original Manga, 25 years after the manga series

Brief History: Tenchi Masaki had had been torn for a long while between the brash ex-spacepirate Ryoko and the Juraian princess Aeka, but eventually he made his choice. Despite his marriage to Aeka, however, Ryoko was not ready to give him up, and seduced him on more than one occasion when the opportunity presented itself. As a result of one of these occasions, Takeo was born. Of course, the potential scandal was covered up by the royal family, and Ryoko stayed on Earth with Tenchi's father and grandfather to raise the boy; but as a result, Takeo grew up seeing how his mother was hurt by giving in to her feelings for his father, and how the "nice guy hero" had just made a lousy mess for everyone. So he sought other role models, vowing never to get wrapped up in sentimentality and angst; despite his great-grandfather's efforts to teach him ethics, the boy absorbed all his sword lessons, and the science lessons of his grandmother Washu, and left to take up piracy, himself, in search of good times, and perhaps as a way to lash out against his absent father and his "proper" family. He quickly became notorious as one of the most dangerous pirates in the galaxy, not only for his strength and cunning, but for his penchant for embarrassing the nobility and the authorities, seducing the daughters of noble houses and galaxy police officers alike.

Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Build: Medium, broad-shouldered

- Generation/control of plasma
- Flight
- Creation of a protective personal barrier
- Superhuman strength/toughness
- Creation of a duplicate/clone


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